Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Miami Florida, Rally Manufacturing Inc., is one of the leading automotive accessory manufacturers, worldwide. Rally products hold over 400 Utility and Design Patents and can be found in retail stores across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and South America. Our product line includes a vast range of Floor Mats, state of the art Wiper Blades and a complete 12-Volt line.

Our products are engineered with both superior function and long-lasting performance in mind. Rally provides consumers with innovative, value-added features and benefits. We adhere to the highest standards of product development from start to finish. A combination resulting in a high quality product designed to meet and exceed consumer expectation.

Highly efficient pick/pack/ship system.

Quick shipments of orders with a 99% fill rate or higher.

Full EDI capabilities to allow for seamless B to B ordering.

Products distributed in all 50 states and in Canada and Mexico.

Market leaders in direct import and domestic programs with a distribution center in Reno Nevada.

Fully equipped in-house product development and engineering teams.


The Rally Team 
Rally's business relationships are exemplified with its core, Rally staff team. The Rally Team has over 100 + years of service in the automotive aftermarket industry. All vital aspects of the business, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Traffic and Accounting, have team members with seasoned experience and partnership to Rally's success. This solidifies the base line of all of Rally's relationships and translates most importantly to our customers. At Rally, details do make the difference!

Eddie Garrastacho


28 years of auto accessory experience

Gary Pointon

EVP, Sales & Marketing

40 years of auto accessory experience

Acacia Lopez

VP - Operations

24 years of auto accessory experience

Ed Stadthagen

Director - Marketing & Development

20 years of auto accessory experience

Patricia Hooten

IT Director

24 years of auto accessory experience

Laura Rzeszotarski

Accounts Receivable/Payable

26 years of auto accessory experience

Product. Price. Innovation. Selection. Service.


Rally products are designed and innovated in-house in our USA headquarters in Miami. New products and their applications are part of the development process to have unique products free of patent infringement. We have been awarded more than 390 patents (Design and/or Utility) in our various product categories. In order to ensure the highest designed quality products, every product goes through rigorous testing before, during, and after assembly to ensure we deliver the highest quality products in the market.


In recent years, Rally has concentrated on consolidating operations, warehousing and administrative functions of its business with the purpose of concentrating on developing, sourcing, marketing and distributing quality, innovative products and programs at the most competitive prices in the marketplace. Our business plan is to be the low cost, value leader in each of our categories without sacrificing quality, innovation, selection or service.


Rally consistently sets standards for quality control that surpass the industry norm. We continue to design and innovate top quality merchandise to fit the customers' ever demanding needs. Our products and packages are created by our in-house engineering and design teams to meet the latest style and performance demands in the industry. Key Rally personnel have over 20 years of experience related to manufacturing, product development, and quality control. All of the above are essential elements for innovation at Rally.


Innovative designs, top-of-the-line materials, attention grabbing packaging, well placed content and easy to follow instructions. These are just some examples of the critical points we consider when creating a Rally accessory line. We actively pursue new ideas and products to further our efforts to provide our costumers with new automotive innovations. Rally's US product development & engineering teams have extensive experience in mechanical, electrical and industrial design engineering and are equipped with the best technology today. Our engineers consistently set standards for quality control that surpass industry norms. They continue to design and develop quality merchandise to fit our customers ever demanding needs.


Manufacturers in Taiwan (Tainan) and China (Shanghai, Ningbo, Zhejiang, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Jiangsu, Changzhou, Guandong). These facilities focus on product development, quality control, along with the timely delivery of Rally products. Our key personnel have over 30 years manufacturing, product development and quality control experience. Our production capabilities are extremely flexible meeting the demand to deliver product on time, even during peak demand periods. Rally’s production capacity on any item can exceed millions of units. We pride ourselves in our quality, innovation, professionalism and integrity.

Sales & Services

Rally’s sales team will explore every opportunity to ensure we meet the objectives of our customers. We work diligently to establish long term relationships. Our sales team invests time, energy and assets into helping grow our customer business. Allow our sales team to provide you with the service, dedication and attention to detail that will keep your automotive aftermarket accessories program ahead of the competition. Wholesale distribution and manufacturer’s representation opportunities are available throughout North and South America. At Rally we put our customers first. Our professional customer service representatives are friendly, well trained product experts, ready to assist you.